LS1 Speaker Cable

LS1 speaker cable is made up of 7 individual silver-alloy solid-core teflon-covered wires, which are contained in a braided nylon sheath. There is a separate cable for positive and negative, so that a stereo pair consists of 4 cables. The terminated ends come standard with the new spring-loaded safety banana plugs required by the European Union. If you don't like the bananas, cut them off at the speaker ends and solder what you want onto them. You'll probably wish you hadn't.


This method of construction ensures extremely low capacitance, of the order of just 7pF per foot for a cable pair. Consequently, the effect it has on any amplifier is rather striking, because it relieves the unit from having to supply useless reactive current, especially at high frequencies where impedance drops due to highly capacitive cable can be significant. This stress is relieved, and the sound becomes much clearer. There are those who do not believe speaker cables make a difference. Sorry, this one does and for sound engineering reasons, not mumbo-jumbo.

Because the construction method is difficult, LS1 tends to come in set lengths, with a 10 meter (33 feet) maximum. It is not the world's most expensive speaker cable by any means, but we have found it better than anything else we have tried to date, including all types of bi-wiring. So have some of our most discerning customers. The added bonus is that you don't need to bi-wire with this cable. Out the door with dodge bi-wire setups and back to the music. Marketing flak? You can decide for yourself with our 10 day money-back guarantee.