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Throughout its first decade NVA's philosophy has remained crystal clear. Each product is designed for maximum informational retrieval and transmission. We believe without that aim no hi-fi system can hope to reproduce the real excitement of music.

NVA is very clear about its definition of musical information. It is so much more than just detail. Information is all the characteristics of the signal on your CDs, tapes and records. It includes aspects such as timing, rhythmic integrity, pitch stability, tonal accuracy and dynamics, all facets that together make a master musician superior to a merely average performer.

NVA achieves its aims through using the simplest possible circuitry, the best quality components, the highest rated power supplies and casework with absolutely no sonic signature.

Minimalism - all electronic components degrade the signal. NVA reduces components to a minimum to ensure maximum information retrieval and the closest possible approach to the original recorded signal.

Quality - Each component used in NVA equipment is the finest available at the price, and sourced from specialist manufacturers worldwide. When an audio grade component doesn't come up to our specifications we source from military component suppliers.

Power supplies - NVA amplifiers and digital components benefit from highly rated power supplies, resulting in hi-fi that takes even the most difficult music in its stride.

Special casework - all NVA cases are made from non-magnetic materials, carefully anodised and glued to eliminate even the minimal magnetic effects of conventional screws.

Our continuous programme of product refinement ensures NVA is possibly the finest sounding hi-fi in the world. And whether you buy our lowest priced integrated amplifier or our top of the range mono-blocks, you need never worry about your equipment being outdated.

Simply pay us the difference between the price of your model and the new model and we will upgrade it. We will also upgrade your old NVA equipment to the current specification. Just call NVA to find out about improvements and inexpensive upgrades.

However you look at it, NVA hi-fi is simply the finest value equipment available today.

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