Reviews of NVA

Black BoxModelSourceDate
Integrated Amp AP10 HFN & RRJuly 1997
Integrated Amp AP10 UHF Issue No. 56
Integrated Amp AP20 HiFi ChoiceAugust 1992
Integrated Amp AP20 HFN & RROctober 1995
Integrated Amp AP30 HFN & RR1995
Integrated Amp AP30 CYBERFi1996
Integrated Amp AP30 SUONO (Italian)aprile 1997
Integrated Amp AP50 HFN & RRAugust 1996
Integrated Amp AP70 HFN & RRAugust 1998
Integrated Amp AP80 WHFSeptember 1997
System P50,Phono2,A80AudiophileAugust 1991
Pre/Power P80,A60 WHFMay 1993
Interconnect Cable Sound Pipe AudiophileMay 1992
Speaker Cable LS1 WHFAugust 1996

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HFN & RR Hi-Fi News & Record Review
WHFWhat Hi-Fi
UHFUltra High Fidelity