CYBERFi - Review, 1996

Available: UK, Europe, Far East, Australasia, Middle East


The NVA AP30 integrated amplifier is a 'low budget', pared down development of NVA's Statement series minimalist amplifiers. It uses the fewest possible components with the bare minimum of interfaces, switches, links and other sources of distortion. The AP30 is normally configured as a line source amplifier. However a phono stage can be added, at little extra monetary cost and the loss of one line input. NVA recommends the use of its own ultra low loss speaker cable with the amplifier on the grounds of preferred sound quality. Care should be taken not to use the amplifier with Litz cable. NVA warns that such cable runs the risk of causing high frequency instability. CYBERFi Editor Jonathan Kettle found that the AP30 did prove unusually sensitive to different cable type, its presentation changing dramatically for the better when partnered by NVA's own LS1 cable.

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